I am the Foreign Policy Adviser to the President of the Republic of Finland. I am also an Associate Professor of International Relations at the School of Management at the University of Tampere and a Special Adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (currently on a leave of absence from both duties). I am also one of the Principal Investigators of the Finnish Academy funded ReImag collaborative project (2013-17).

My areas of expertise include:

  • The European Union's (EU) external relations, especially with Russia and the wider Eastern neighbourhood
  • The EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)
  • Northern Dimension
  • The EU enlargement
  • European Neighbourhood Policy
  • Finnish foreign, security and integration policy
  • Northern European security and regionalization
  • International Relations theory, philosophy of (social) science

On these pages you will find information concerning my professional experience as well as my publications. My current position entails a low public profile, so please bear with the relative paucity of updates, etc.


Picture: Lehtikuva